DELIVERED. Heavy Duty Cattle yard, assembled Diameter: “Approx. 9.5 m”

DELIVERED. Heavy Duty Cattle yard, assembled Diameter: “Approx. 9.5 m”


Heavy duty, high quality, portable cattle yard enclosure, assembled. The diameter of this metal cattle yard enclosure is approximately 9.5 m – perfect for housing a variety of livestock and for commercial ranch use. We also offer free delivery for all of our cattle yards and any purchase over $600! Read more about our free delivery service here.

This high-quality cattle yard enclosure comes with pins and brackets that securely lock all 12 panels together. The pins and brackets are reinforced with metal caps to keep rain out and protect the unit against weather damage and general wear and tear. Each of the panels on this heavy-duty cattle yard enclosure are fitted with complimentary lugs on the posts so that they can be joined together in various configurations. These lugs are welded on all four sides.

The horizontal rails on each heavy-duty panel are welded onto the vertical posts on all four sides to further reinforce the enclosure frame and strengthen the metal panels. The posts on each panel are fitted with weather caps and footplates welded to the tops and bottoms of the posts. The footplates are designed with drainage holes that allow for rainwater drainage, protect against weather damage, and prevent the posts from sinking in mud.

This livestock enclosure is designed to withstand weather, time and general wear and tear, and built to Australian Standard.



12 x Heavy Duty Panels (50x50mm)

  •  Weight: 30kg per panel
  • Dimensions: 2100mm(W) x 1800mm(H)
  • Vertical Frame Posts:50 x 50 x 1.6mm Galvanized RHS
  • Horizontal Rails:30 x 60mm 6 x 1.6mm Galvanised Oval Rail
  • Finish: HDG 15-microns

1 x Heavy Duty Gate (50x50mm, 2.2M)

  • Fencing panel gate, 46 kg
  • Dimensions: 2250mm(H) x 2200mm (W)
  • Vertical pipe: 50mm x 50mm, 1.6mm Thick
  • Horizontal rail: 30mm x 60mm, 1.6mm thick x 6 Oval anti-bruise rails
  • Finish: HDG 15-microns
  • High Quality Metal


Delivery area: Within 300km from Southport, QLD
Deliveries time: max 2 week
Delivery fee: Free delivery

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